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Defending Your Reputation Is An Important Investment. You Want a BOARD-CERTIFIED Professional.

What We All About

For all who walk in the doors of The Coffey Firm, please note my deeply-held beliefs. You are a citizen-accused, not a criminal. You have rights by law; statutory and constitutional, most notably the Bill of Rights. Moreover, as a human being you have rights that the law need not enumerate, including respectful treatment by all including judges, bailiffs, court personnel and, of course, us, your law firm. We feel privileged to help you. Although this process may make you feel you are guilty or less than a normal citizen with rights, please know that only the ignorant among society treat others this way without knowledge, regard or respect for the law and our rights as citizens.

What Can We Do For You?

Please know that I am compassionate, very open-minded and, most of all, very sensitive about my clients. I only desire to do what is best for you. Unfortunately, sometimes others, such as jurors, judges, and district attorneys, may make wrong choices. But, know that I will do my best to prevent this and get us through this traumatic time in your life. People make mistakes all too often when it comes to the politically-charged environment of DWI.

Please, do not let ignorance or prejudices that you may experience from others about your accusation sidetrack you. No one understands until they have walked in your shoes. We understand. Everyone makes mistakes. A finding of “guilty” does not make you a bad person. I take it very personal that all my clients know I care.

If you ever experience any frustrations or want to talk to me, my cell phone is 817-253-3524. I welcome all calls and that goes without saying. Due to my trial schedule, I may take a few days to get back with you. But, rest assured I am here and want to do my best. Our fully-staffed firm holds normal office business hours and we are here to help you. Being treated with dignity and having the utmost understanding as we attempt to get the best result is my, and The Coffey Firm’s, mission and priority. Thank you so much for allowing us to be here for you.

Act Quickly. Your Next Steps

If you are facing the offense of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), it’s important that you find a qualified DWI lawyer to help you build your DWI defense right away. The experienced and qualified DWI lawyers and DWI attorneys from North Texas DWI Defense can help. You will be presented with a very specific guideline by the court as to what steps and procedures must be taken over the coming weeks and months. Failing to meet these deadlines may result in a conviction, which is why it is extremely important get help from North Texas DWI Defense as soon as possible. For immediate help, call 817-831-3100 to get a FREE CONSULTATION

If you have any questions about North Texas DWI Defense’s Mission Statement or The Coffey Firm’s privacy practices, please contact The Coffey Firm.