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DWI Blood Test, Know the DA’s Strategy

Knowing the DA’s strategy makes winning a DWI Blood Test case much easier. The primary strategy for a DWI Defense Lawyer to recognize is how the DA tries to portray the DWI Blood Test. Many times, the DA will try to claim that the lab that tested the blood is a ‘certified’ lab and therefore you should trust the DWI Blood Test. However, this is NOT the law. Put in other words, the DA tries to equate ‘certification’ with accuracy and reliability. Just because a lab has ‘certification’ does NOT mean that their results are inherently accurate or reliable. Mimi has practiced DWI Defense for 27 years and knows the tricks that the DA tries to play.

North Texas DWI Defense knows that having an expert offer an opinion that the lab results are not accurate or reliable can win a DWI Blood Test case. There are certain standards that labs must follow for method validations to maintain accurate and reliable results. Simply having ‘certification’ does NOT mean that the labs have followed these standards properly. NEVER let the State try to convince you that all DWI Blood Tests are accurate and reliable.